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On behalf of the Dorsky and the Hudson Valley Performing Arts Laboratory, we welcome you to Performing Art 2023.


We devised this performance over four consecutive Sunday rehearsals. What you are about to see was inspired by the work currently displayed in this gallery. In the same way that many artworks here result from stitching together meaningful pieces to create a new whole, our production is also a woven-together piece of art. 


Our process has embraced some of the themes in this exhibit, including: using textiles to divide and control space, finding beauty in the mundane, leaning into abstraction, and resisting the pressure to be overt and definable.


Making theater in a museum challenges us as creators and you as spectators to re-examine our definitions of what a play can be. It also allows us to see the gallery environment as a dynamic space, where inanimate objects come alive as they interplay with story, song, and movement.

Thank you for joining us!

Liz & Eric

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